Games in the Classroom

Games can be a fun way for kids to learn. There are many commercially available games that are educational. Simple board games can also be created fairly easily to address specific academic skills you are working on in the classroom. You can also create question decks and incorporate them into existing board games like trivial pursuit or candy land. Here are some ideas of educational board games you can buy or make:

  • Monopoly
    • Monopoly or Monopoly Jr. can be used in classrooms to work on counting and adding money.
    • If you’re really ambitious, you can make fake currency that resembles real currency and have kids use that instead of Monopoly Dollars. If you’re not, kids can still learn about money using the colorful stuff that comes with the game.
  • Scrabble
    • Scrabble and Scrabble Jr. are great games to work on identifying letters and spelling.
    • Scrabble Jr. has the option of matching letters to form the words printed on the game board.
      • You can modify this game by making up new words for kids to match up letters too using specific classroom themes or even spelling word lists.
      • Use removable stickers to make the words on the blank side of the board or cover the board with transparency paper and write on the paper. If you can figure out a way to do it, you could also copy the blank board and make masters out of the copies.
  •  Dominos
    • Work on basic math skills such as counting, matching numbers, adding, etc.
  • Make your own games!
    • It sounds hard, but a simple board game can be made with just a little bit of time and effort. And, once the game is made, it can be used forever. One great idea is to make a simple game board using general rules such as roll the dice to move forward. When you land on a space, draw a card and answer the question or do the activity. Then, make up theme or content based card packs to use.
    • If you don’t want to make your own game board, take a game with a simple track like Candy Land and make a set of theme or content based cards to use with the existing board.