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Paper Crafts

Many crafts can be made using construction paper, scissors, glue, and markers or crayons. Paper crafts can be seasonal or selected to match specific interests of the child. A quick google search can provide hundreds of activity ideas. Some I have used include: making greeting cards, making animals using different shapes, weaving paper, and cutting or folding paper to make shapes.

Grading the Activity:
  • When selecting the activity, think about the skills you want to work on with the child.
  • Are you interested in working on handwriting, cutting, planning, organization, or something else? Does the activity require those skills?
  • Many paper crafts require cutting. Cutting can be made easier or harder depending on the type of scissors used and the thickness of the paper. For a child who tends to cut too quickly, use a thicker paper or several sheets of paper to slow down. You can also try using fancy scissors which also tend to slow down cutting.
  • Grade cognitive and organizational skills by asking the child to develop a plan for the activity prior to starting.
  • For a child who has difficulty making choices or following directions, limit the number of supplies available or only present the supplies needed for each step.
  • Add or modify educational tool use depending on the child’s needs. Consider writing, coloring, cutting, gluing (stick or bottle), hole punches, painting, rubber stamps, etc.


  • Prewriting and Handwriting
  • Following Directions
  • Creating and following a plan
  • Cutting
  • Using Educational Tools