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  • Beads (the size and style of the beads can be graded to match the child’s ability)
  • Thread, yarn, ribbon, etc
  • Needle (optional, if necessary)
  • Tape (optional - tape around the end of the yarn make threading beads easier)
  • If making bracelets or necklaces, you may need different types of clasps

Grading the Activity:
  • Select a beading activity that matches the needs and abilities of the child. A young child or a child with limited fine motor or cognitive skills may find an adequate challenge with an activity involving stringing larger beads onto a pipe cleaner or yarn to make a necklace. For other children, bead projects such as bead critters may provide a more appropriate challenge.
  • By increasing or decreasing the size of the bead and the stiffness of the string, you can make the activity more or less challenging for the individual.
  • You can also make the activity more challenging by adding elements such as creating or following a pattern, counting and organizing the beads you need, measuring the string, etc.

  • Pinch grip
  • In hand manipulation
  • Organizational skills
  • Bilateral coordination
  • Pattern recognition