Crafts in OT

The Therapeutic use of Crafts is a concept used in many areas of OT including physical disabilities and mental health. From the physical disability standpoint, using crafts is a way to work on fine motor activities while participating in functional activities. Many, if not all, craft projects have motor components that can address areas such as finger and hand strength, pinch grasp, fine motor control and coordination, bilateral coordination, in hand manipulation, and educational tool use.

From a mental health standpoint, crafts can be used to work on many cognitive skills. Even the most basic crafts require some degree of attention and following directions. More complex crafts can require skills such as planning, creating and/or following a pattern, problem solving, sequencing, and organization.

What makes using crafts different from using exercises is that crafts are functional activities and, for many people, can even be considered a form of occupation. The right craft can require the same fine motor skills as exercises such as therapy putty and peg boards and can even work on handwriting skills. The difference is, when using crafts the child is working toward a finished product which can have the effect of making the activity more meaningful. These are some general ideas of craft projects that can be used in OT and how they can be graded to meet specific skill needs.


Paper Crafts

Wood Crafts