Crossing Midline

Crossing midline refers to the ability to reach across the body from one side to the other. Crossing midline is an essential skill for functional activities such as reading, writing, and dressing. Crossing midline is also important for many leisure activities including most sports.

Activities to work on Crossing Midline
  • Rainbow Drawing - Have the child stand in front of a vertical surface (chalk board, white board, or paper taped to the wall). Without twisting the body, have your child draw large arcs. You can also do rainbow drawing while sitting or laying on the floor.
  • Driving Car Around Track - Draw a large track on paper or construct one using pieces from a toy car track. "Drive" a car on the track using large arm movements from one side of the body to the other
  • Catch and Throw Games - Toss or roll balls to the child alternating between left, right, and center. Encourage the child to reach for and catch the ball using both hands.
  • Sorting Games - Sort toys, objects, pictures, scraps of paper, etc. into piles by size or color. Scatter objects to be sorted so that they are positioned on both sides of your child. Using one hand at a time, have your child reach for for objects to sort.