About OT

Occupational Therapy is an allied health profession dedicated to improving the lives and daily living of people with disabilities. A common misconception is that Occupational Therapy is related specifically to jobs and work site rehabilitation. In reality, Occupational Therapy has a much wider scope of practice. An 'occupation' is defined as any meaningful life activity. Occupational Therapy then works to habilitate or rehabilitate the individual so they are able to participate in their necessary and desired occupations. Although this can and sometimes does mean working on job skills, it can also include things such as getting dressed, cooking, social interactions, leisure skills, eating, sleeping, playing, etc.

School Based Occupational Therapy is a branch of pediatric Occupational Therapy where the goal is to help students with disabilities be able to perform the occupations necessary to participate in the school environment. School based occupations generally include things such as classroom participation, completing assignments, peer interaction, and some self care activities.

The OT Room is a place for parents, teachers, and therapists to find resources to help our students become and stay successful in the occupation of learning. 

During school closure due to COVID-19, we are hoping this site will help provide you with resources and activity ideas to do with your child at home! If nothing else, remember that the most important occupations (important life activities) of a child are family interactions, play, and rest. You can support your child's occupations as well as their growth and development simply by being present.